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Read RESO Info's latest issue
The RESO Info's latest issue contains articles on important changes in the support given to local economic development, on Griffin Camp, the Techno-Business Accelerator, on the Je vois Montreal campaign, on the Employment Zones Symposium, driving force of development of Montreal and its boroughs. Click here to read it.

Employment Zones in Montreal: an important lever for the development of employment and complete boroughs
More than 275 representatives of the business community, real estate developers, financial institutions, labor funds, unions and community organizations proposed on November 25 a plan to assure the preservation and the development of employment zones in Montreal's many boroughs. Read the press release.

South-West's Entrepreneurial Culture Days: entrepreneurs talk about their experience
On November 20, for the Journées de la culture entrepreneuriale du Sud-Ouest, RESO handed out recognition awards to a dozen entrepreneurs who participated in South-West's development. Read the press release.

Griffin Camp, the Techno-Business Accelerator is launched!
Griffin Camp, the Techno-Business Accelerator was officially launched the 3rd of November, in presence of Saul Polo, Parliamentary Assistant of the Ministre de l'Economie, de l'Innovation et des Exportations, and Pierre Gauthier, President of the RESO Board of Directors. Read the press release.

Montreal's CDECs and CLDs: spillovers of more than 50 millions dollars in Montreal's economic development
In regards to the abolition of the CLD and CDEC mandate by the Liberal government, Montreal CDECs remind us that in the last year, the approximated 12 million dollar invested by these organisms have generated economic benefits of more than 50 million in Montreal's development. Read the press release.

Abolition of local and regional organizations: the end of a social pact
The transitory fiscal pact that Quebec government is about to sign with the municipalities will sign the CLD's death warrant in all of Quebec and also the end of the CLD mandate supported by the many Corporations de developpement economique communautaire (CDECs) in Montreal. To read the open letter written by Pierre Morrissette, Director of RESO, click here.

More than 500 Montreal entrepreneurs support their CDEC and CLD
While the Quebec government, the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) and the Montreal Mayor are about to sign a transitory fiscal pact that confirms a 55 % cut in the local economic development budget and the abolition of the Local Development Centres (CLDs), more than 500 Montreal businesses are standing up for their CDEC and CLD. Read the press release

The CDECs: social and economic development partners of Quebec's urban boroughs
An open letter, signed by 100 socio-economic players, was published in Le Devoir to support Quebec CDECs. Read the press release

Collective Studio for Artists
Creation Hub develops a collective studio for artists and affordable housing for artists. For more information or to manifest your interest, visit the Creation hub Web site.

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