Financial support and help measures for recruiting future employees.

Financial support and help measures for recruiting future employees.


By offering tools and personalized support, the employment counsellor helps both the employer and the employee.


Continuum-Entreprises privileges the “Triad approach” (employee-counsellor-employer). The employment counsellor’s input simplifies the employment process for the employer and facilitates communications between himself and the chosen candidate.


RESO offers a 56 hours training program for future candidates that focuses on key work competencies such as communication and team work, work place integration, stress and emotion management, etc. Thus, candidates who follow this training are better equipped to integrate their new job.


Throught the Continuum-Entreprises program, employers are eligible for an Emploi-Québec salary subsidy of up to 50 % of their new employee’s salary (the maximum allowed is the equivalent of the minimum wage salary) for a duration of 30 weeks.

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