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Between the Lachine Canal and Notre-Dame Street, just west of the Cité du multimédia and Old Montréal, Griffintown extends over some 10 million square feet.

For RESO,  Griffintown should be a multifunctional, versatile community with room for employment zones (shops, office space, light industrial activity). But Griffintown should also be a mixed and socially inclusive neighbourhood where 15 percent of new housing units are reserved for social and community housing, and 15 percent for affordable private housing. Griffintown should also be a green district, endowed with parks and high-quality public spaces accessible by the population and open to the Lachine Canal. RESO has participated in consultations on Griffintown at the Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM):

District Griffin

RESO has concluded an agreement with District Griffin developer Devimco to encourage local hiring and workforce training in connection with the jobs the project will create.

Quartier de l'innovation

Griffintown is also the site of the École de technologie supérieure's (ÉTS) Quartier de l'innovation project, an innovation-friendly ecosystem, where homes, places of work and local services create a dynamic, inclusive and innovative community.

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